Chemicals - Bleaching Powder
Bleaching Powder
  Bleaching Powder
Stable bleaching powder is basically calcium hypo chlorite with 34-36 % available chlorine. It is manufactured by the reaction of hydrated lime with chlorine.
No. Characteristic Specifications
General Appearance
Dry free flowing white powder, without hard lumps and impurities
Particle Size
Minimum 99.5% passing through 1.70 mm IS Sieve or 10 BSS Sieve
Available Chlorine Minimum 34% (by Wt.)
On heating at 100 +/- 2 degree, does not lose more than 1/15th of Av. Cl2
Moisture Maximum 0.3% (by Wt.)
Carpet/Textile Industry as an economical textile bleaching agent and for that extra finish and shine to carpets.
  Paper Industry for bleaching of pulp
Soft drink bottling / Food industry as a disinfectant and deodorant
  Leather Industry as a curing agent and disinfectant
  Manufacture of sodium silicate as a discoloring agent
  Sugar Mills for mills and general sanitation
Industrial effluent containing cyanide, etc. for detoxification
  Water purification Used by water works
Municipalities, Hotels, Hospitals and other institutions for the Eradication and control of bacteria in drinking water
Sanitation and general hygiene Used by Hospitals, Health Departments, Environments Agencies, Offices and Even Homes as a powerful agent for sterilizing
Disinfections of swimming pools Used in swimming pools to kill and control harmful bacteria and other Contaminants
Sewage disposal for more effective sanitary disposal, odour control, B.O.D. reduction and removal of poisonous matters in various industries
25 Kgs - Laminated high-density Polyethylene bags with extra LDPE liner
Keep away from heat and water. Avoid inhalation. Use with adequate ventilation.
Store in a cool, dry, well ventilated area, away from heat, moisture, source of ignition and strong alkaline material. stored under cover in a cool, dry place and the bags should not be stacked more than 10 bags high.
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