SEPTANGULAR is one of the leading importers, exporter and supplier of chemicals, oxide and mineral for glass and ceramics industries as well as other industries. Our trading partners are from China, Japan, Turkey, South Africa, Iran, Korea, Europe, Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, Nepal, Asia etc.

Product Name
1 Aluminum Chloride [Powder]
2 Acetic Acid
3 Aluminum Sulphate-Ferric
4 Aluminum Sulphate-Non-Ferric
5 Acid Slurry Labsa 90 %
6 Bleaching Powder
7 Barium Chloride
8 Boric Acid
9 Calcium Chloride
10 Calcium Chloride Powder
11 Chlorine Dioxide
12 Caustic Potash Flakes
13 Chlorinated Paraffin
14 Caustic Soda Flakes
15 Caustic Soda Lye
16 Caustic Soda Prills
17 Citric Acid
18 Ethylene Vinyl Acetate-N-8038
19 Ferrous Sulphate
20 Formic Acid
21 Hydrochloric Acid
22 Hydrogen Peroxide
23 Liquid Chlorine
24 Oxalic Acid
25 Optical Brightner Ob1
26 Phosphoric Acid
27 Sulphamic Acid
28 Soda Ash Light
29 Sodium Bi Carbonate
30 Sodium Bi Sulphite
31 Salt-Fine Grade
32 Sodium Hypo Chlorite
33 Sodium Hydro Sulphite
34 Sodium Meta Bi Sulphite
35 Salt-Medium Crystaline
36 Salt-Pure Crystalline
37 Sodium Sulphite
38 Sodium Silicate
39 Sodium Sulphate
40 Sodium Tri Poly Phoshphate
41 Sodium Thio Sulphate
42 Sulphuric Acid
43 Sodium Acetate
44 Sodium Bi Chromate
45 Sodium Nitrate
46 Stable Bleaching Powder
47 Titanium Dioxide [Anatase Isi]
48 Tri Sodium Phosphate
49 Tata Vacuum Salt
50 Titanium Dioxide Rutile
51 Titanium Dioxide
Our range of organic and inorganic chemicals are available across the globe and can be found in various industries as well. Chemicals are such product that are widely used and in various forms and volumes. In some areas they are used is bulk (especially in textile industry) but the concentration level is generally low. Some of the industries we serve include- textile, agriculture, rubber, glass, electronics and many more.
Ceramics Industry Paints Manufacturers & Paint Industry chemical for Enamels
Chemicals for AgricultureIndustry Chemicals for pharmaceuticals
Chemicals for Manufacturers
of rubber Industry
Paper Manufacturing Industry manufacturer of soap Use Manufacturer of opaque glass
and certain types of transparent
Photography Use Manufacturers of Glass Impregnating candle wicks
Use in treating tobacco Use in fire works Use in picking meats
Glass enamels for pottery Cotton printing and white printing
Laboratory Reagent
Tanning and finishing leather
liquid shampoos etc
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